APTA Award

Route 4 Inbound Stop Temporarily Moved

Due to road conditions, the Route 4 inbound bus stop at Silvertip Apartments on West Broadway will be temporarily relocated approximately 150 feet away to the next utility pole (heading towards Missoula).

Route 4 service will continue normally.

Route 12 Detoured Due to Weather

Because of inclement weather, the Route 12 is now detoured and will not be traveling up Pattee Canyon Rd, Whitaker Dr, High Park Way, upper Gharrett St, or 23rd Ave.

You can still catch the Route 12 on 39th St, and on Gharrett St between 39th St and Briggs St. This detour will only last during inclement weather.

February 20th Presidents’ Day/Adjusted Schedule

Mountain Line will be running on a Sunday schedule for the holiday on February 20th.

Southgate Mall Bus Stops Moved

Due to construction on the roads near Southgate Mall, our bus stops have temporarily been moved to the North side of Dillards.

January 16th MLK Jr. Day/Adjusted Schedule

Mountain Line will operate on a Sunday schedule for January 16th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

VA Clinic: Temporary Stop Located on Mary Jane Blvd

Route 11 is detoured on Mary Jane Blvd to serve the VA Clinic. The temporary stop is located at the VA Clinic entrance as shown below.

Adjusted Holiday Hours: Dec & Jan

Mountain Line will be adjusting hours this December & January as follows:


  • Dec 24: Service ends at 7:45PM. The last bus will leave the Transfer Center at 6:45PM.
    • Please note: Data in our app, Bus Tracker and Google/Apple maps does not reflect this early closure. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  • Dec 25: Closed.
  • Dec 26: We will operate on a Sunday schedule.
  • Dec 31: Regular Service.


  • Jan 1: Closed.
  • Jan 2: We will operate on a Sunday Schedule.
  • Jan 16: We will operate on a Sunday Schedule.

Inbound Route 6 Detoured 12/14-12/15

Due to construction on Beartracks Bridge, the inbound Route 6 is detoured. The inbound bus stops at 5th & Higgins and Front & Higgins are temporarily closed. The outbound stop outside the Wilma on Higgins and Front is also closed.

Route 12 Detoured Due to Weather Dec. 1

Do to unsafe winter road conditions Dec 1, Route 12 is unable to serve stops on the following streets:

  • Whitaker Drive
  • High Park Way
  • 23rd Avenue
  • 55th Street
  • Gharrett Street, south of Briggs Street.

All closed stops are shown in yellow below and in the bus tracker.

Google Maps Data Temporarily Down

Mountain Line’s data in Google Maps is temporarily down. The platform is showing that Mountain Line is not operating until Sunday. This is incorrect. Mountain Line is closed Thanksgiving Day, then is back to operating regular service starting Friday, November 25.

Please default to using the Transit app, Bus Tracker, or the regular route map and schedule for planning your trip during this time.