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Route 12 Detoured Due to Weather Dec. 1

Do to unsafe winter road conditions Dec 1, Route 12 is unable to serve stops on the following streets:

  • Whitaker Drive
  • High Park Way
  • 23rd Avenue
  • 55th Street
  • Gharrett Street, south of Briggs Street.

All closed stops are shown in yellow below and in the bus tracker.

Google Maps Data Temporarily Down

Mountain Line’s data in Google Maps is temporarily down. The platform is showing that Mountain Line is not operating until Sunday. This is incorrect. Mountain Line is closed Thanksgiving Day, then is back to operating regular service starting Friday, November 25.

Please default to using the Transit app, Bus Tracker, or the regular route map and schedule for planning your trip during this time.

Closed Thanksgiving Day

Mountain Line will be closed Thursday, November 24, Thanksgiving Day. We will be offering regular bus service again on Friday, November 25.

Route 6 Stops Near Beartracks Bridge Closed

The following Route 6 bus stops are closed due to construction on Beartracks Bridge:

  • Higgins & Main St
  • Higgins & Front St
  • Higgins & 5th St (the Inbound stop is closed. The Outbound stop remains open outside the senior center.)

VA Stop Closed Until Further Notice

The Route 11 bus stop at the VA Clinic is closed until further notice due to construction. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, it is unsafe for our buses to stop at this location during this time.

Operating Sunday Schedule Nov 11

Mountain Line will operate on a Sunday schedule Friday, November 11, Veteran’s Day.

Route 12 Detoured Due to Poor Roads

Route 12 is detoured south of Gharrett St & Briggs St due to poor road conditions. All bus stops south of this intersection, and along 55th St and 23rd Ave are currently closed.

Routes Delayed Due to Weather

Due to icy road conditions, several routes may be delayed.

Route 12 Detoured Due to Weather

UPDATE AS OF 7PM 11/7/22: ROUTE 12 HAS RETURNED TO NORMAL ROUTING. Please disregard the below.

Due to unsafe road conditions, the Route 12 is currently detoured. The bus will continue straight on SW Higgins as it turns into 39th St, travel up Gharrett St to Briggs St, then return to 39th as indicated in the map via red line.

All bus stops along Pattee Creek Dr, Whitaker, High Park, and those south of Gharrett & Briggs are currently closed. We will post updates as conditions change.

Bus Stop Improvement Work Continues

Throughout October, Mountain Line continues to make progress on its Bus Stop Improvement Project, which is aimed at improving safety, increasing accessibility, and maximizing efficiency. Part of this work involves moving some bus stops to safer locations along our routes and / or condensing multiple stops along a specific corridor into fewer stops to ensure we remain on time and efficient.

This month, riders will notice new bus stop signs and some changes along Route 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 14. Specific changes are outlined below. To learn more about our Bus Stop Improvement Project, click here.

Route 4 Bus Stop Updates:

  • Riders will note several new bus stop signs at various points along the route.
  • There is a new Inbound stop at Bonner School as shown below.
  • The Easy Street Outbound stop has been moved further east, as shown below.

Route 4 & 5 Bus Stop Updates:

  • The Inbound bus stop outside Roemer’s Tire has been moved one block east as shown below.

Route 6 Bus Stop Updates:

  • The Outbound stop on Higgins Ave & Tremont St has been moved to the far side of the intersection to improve safety, as shown below; new bus stop location is orange.
  • Stops along S Russell St have been consolidated to maximize efficiency, with Inbound and Outbound stops now located at S Russell St & McDonald Ave. Updates shown below; new stop locations are orange.

Route 7 Bus Stop Updates:

  • The Inbound and Outbound Stops near S Orange St & S 2nd St W have been relocated south to S 3rd St W. New stop locations are indicated in orange below. These changes overlap Route 9.
  • There is a new Outbound bus stop on the corner of W Bickford St, shown in orange below.
  • Bus stops along Stephens Ave, between Mount Ave and Brooks St, have been consolidated as shown below to maximize efficiency. Stops in yellow with black “x”s have been removed. Orange indicates a new stop location. Blue indicates an existing stop that remains unchanged.

Route 8 Bus Stop Updates:

  • The Outbound bus stop at Gerald Ave has been relocated to Ronald Ave. New stop location is shown in orange below.
  • Two Route 8 bus stops on S 10th St W & S Johnson St have been removed to maximize efficiency. Removed stops are shown in yellow with black “x”s below. (The blue dot indicates a Route 2 bus stop that is unchanged.)