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How To Ride

If you are new to Mountain Line, here are some tips for riding with us.

Planning your trip ahead of time
Be sure to plan your trip ahead of time using our Trip Planner so you know how much time you’ll need to reach your destination and the best route(s) to take. Our services are zero-fare, so you do not need to pay to ride.

Learn how to read our map & schedule in this helpful video.

Waiting for the bus
Please wait by the marked stop and signal the driver as your bus approaches. In low-light conditions, signal using a light, reflector, or cell phone flashlight to make sure your operator can see you. The Mountain Line mobile app allows you to track the estimated bus arrival time. Please note, Mountain Line does not recognize flag stops within city limits and riders should only board and disembark the bus at established bus stops.
Boarding the bus

  • All Mountain Line services are zero-fare , meaning you do not have to pay a fare to ride. Once your bus arrives, comes to a complete stop and the doors open, simply step on board and find a seat or stand using a grab strap if the bus is full.
  • Please use the front door to board and wait until other passengers have gotten off before you board.
  • Please leave the front seating for passengers who are elderly or have disabilities, or who have small children.
  • Hold on to the metal bars or seat backs when you walk on the bus.
  • Learn more about our zero-fare program.

Exiting the bus

  • Give the driver plenty of notice that you want to exit the bus. Pull the bell cord about a block before your stop, or, if you are not familiar with the area, ask your driver ahead of time where you should get off.
  • Please leave through the rear doors so others may use the front door to board.
  • For your safety, do not cross the street in front of the bus. Wait until the bus leaves the stop.
  • In the winter, always check the front steps for snow or slush, and hold on to the handrail.

If you need to transfer to another route, let your driver know. They can help make sure your bus is waiting for you, if it’s a close connection, and will point you in the right direction to find your next bus.
While on board

  • Hold on to the metal bars or seat backs when you walk on the bus.
  • No smoking is permitted on the buses.
  • Portable sound systems with headphones are allowed.
  • All buses are Wi-Fi equipped.
  • Please no eating or drinking while on the bus.

Mountain Line Passenger Code of Conduct

Personal Transportation Device Policy