APTA Award

Advertising Opportunities

Mountain Line does not currently sell ad space on its buses or at bus stops.

Interior Signs and In-Bus Screens

If you are a Missoula-based nonprofit or government agency, please send information to info@mountainline.com about your organization and how it benefits Mountain Line riders to be considered for interior sign placement or digital screen space.

Digital Screen Information

Advertising Policy of the Missoula Urban Transportation District

No advertising concerning alcohol or tobacco products, political candidates or issues, or pornography shall be permitted on, or within the confines of the bus. All advertisements shall be in good taste.

Any person proposing to advertise on Mountain Line buses shall first submit all artwork and copy for each proposed advertisement to the general manager or the designated staff member for approval. Approval for any proposed advertisement shall be within the sole discretion of MUTD, subject to the requirements set out in the foregoing paragraph.