APTA Award

Who Rides

“I have a nice, warm ride on days like today when the temps are below zero. I don’t have to scrape my car or find parking downtown. The commute gives me time to and from work to get my mind set for the day and to relax on the way home. I am so thankful for the kindness of the funding partners. I have bus friends and enjoy the commute.”

Bobbi Day

“Many thanks for making zero-fare buses possible. As a clinical psychologist, I’ve appreciated that clients can come for appointments even if they have no vehicle, or if their vehicle is broken down. As a citizen, mother and grandmother, I am extremely grateful for the reduction in carbon emissions that this brings to our community and our planet!”

Janet R. Allison, Ph.D.

“I love seeing all the folks on the bus now. That’s one of the nice things about riding the bus—seeing folks you know, and folks you don’t. It feels like a big neighborhood. Thanks so much for the zero-fare bus. I really enjoy the freedom of being able to jump on a bus anytime, not worrying about whether I have the correct change. Especially on these frigid mornings!”

Patricia A. Hogan

“Being able to get to services around the community is essential. Having a reliable source of no-cost transportation is not only a convenience, it is also the best service option available to maintain and move ahead in health, work and social life. It is such a keystone community need, and Missoula is very fortunate to have not only an up-to-date public transportation system, but a zero-fare transportation system! As someone with mobility limitations, it is the difference between having the option to get someplace I need to go, or not.”