Thank You, Mountain Line Operations Team!

Thank You, Mountain Line Operations Team!

Thank you Mountain Line Bus Operators, Maintenance Technicians and Service Team for everything you do for our community.

Thank you for showing up each day.

For keeping our vehicles sanitized and our riders safe.

For making sure our fleet is always charged, fueled and ready to roll.

For putting safety first, both on and off the road.

And for continuing to provide essential service, no matter the circumstances.

Because of your service, employees are able to get to work, students have reliable transportation to school, and seniors and those living with disabilities can remain active and mobile.

Because of you, Mountain Line benefits us all.

Please join us in thanking the Mountain Line Operations Team

4 Ways To Say Thanks

  1. Say "Thank You" in person when you ride.
  2. Send a Thank You card to our team.*
    • Cards can be sent to:
      • Mountain Line
      • 1221 Shakespeare St
      • Missoula, MT 59802
      • Email:
  3. Share our "Thank You" posts throughout the month, or post one yourself on social media. Be sure to tag us!
  4. Submit a thank you message using the form below.*

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