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Personal Transportation Device Policy

Bicycles are allowed on Mountain Line buses provided they fit in the rack. All fixed route Mountain Line buses have bike racks that hold up to three (3) bicycles each. The racks are made for standard size, unaltered bikes. Oversized bikes or those with added accessories can make it impossible for them to be safely secured on the bike rack.

If the bike rack is full, a bike may be allowed onboard the bus providing there is room, and the bike is secured and not obstructing the walkway. The bus operator will determine if a bike will be allowed in the bus on a case-by-case basis. Any bike transported inside the bus must be deboarded if requested.

Push scooters and skateboards are allowed inside the bus provided they don’t obstruct the walkway or interfere with other passengers. Roller skates/blades cannot be worn on buses.

Battery-powered bicycles and scooters are allowed on Mountain Line buses:

The following devices will not be allowed on or in any Mountain Line vehicle: