APTA Award

Climate Conscious Creatures Wheel Toward Sustainable Future

Artist Stella Nall

Artist Statement

The imagery of this project features animals native to Montana imagined as bus creatures, happily wheeling through clean air above the mountains. Each bus is propelled by many wheels, all inspired by the form and color palette of the Medicine Wheel.

There are varying understandings of the Medicine Wheel in terms of direction and color association, but one interpretation is that it is a symbol of hope Рmovement toward healing for those who seek it. I am including it in this design to speak to the sustainability efforts we are capable of making, and how switching to sustainable transportation options may be a step towards healing humanity’s damaged relationship with the environment.

Through this mural I hope to direct thought toward our relationship with the earth and the animals that we share it with, and to advocate for making conscious decisions to care for them by choosing to live with more compassion for our world.

Mural Completed July 5, 2021.