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Federal TSA Mask Requirement Extension to Apply to Mountain Line Through Sept 13

MISSOULA – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is extending the face mask requirement for individuals across all transportation networks in the United States, including airports and public transportation, through September 13, 2021. TSA’s initial face mask requirement went into effect February 1, 2021, with an expiration date of May 11, 2021. 

“The TSA maintains oversight of Mountain Line’s security,” said Mountain Line CEO and General Manager, Corey Aldridge. “Therefore, Mountain Line will continue to require face masks be worn by all transit users over the age of two through September 13, to remain in compliance with this federal requirement.” 

Riders with a qualifying medical exemption to the face mask requirement must contact Mountain Line directly to secure an official exemption letter. This exemption must be secured before using any of Mountain Line’s services. For more information about medical exemptions or other questions, please contact Mountain Line at 406-721-3333 or info@mountainline.com.  


In 2020, Mountain Line committed to a zero-tailpipe-emissions fleet by 2035. This action solidified Mountain Line’s long-standing commitment to clean air, public health and a more sustainable future. Mountain Line became a zero-fare system in 2015, made possible through partnerships with local government, businesses and nonprofits. Since the debut of Zero-Fare, ridership has increased almost 70 percent. During normal times, Mountain Line provides more than 1.5 million rides annually, helping students get to school, employees get to work, and helping seniors and people living with disabilities stay active, mobile and independent. By reducing the number of single vehicles on the road, lessening traffic congestion and investing in electric buses, Mountain Line benefits us all.